Monday, June 27, 2011

brighter than sunshine

My apologies for not blogging lately. My computer had a virus which caused my files to 'disappear'. In reality, they were not gone, but I could not find them. I knew they were still around as my iTunes could still play my music, even though I could not locate the files. My biggest fear, however, was that all of my photos were gone. Sure, I could just keep taking new photos, but what about the thousands of photos I had already taken. Luckily, these photos (and many others) were saved. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

22° halo

The week after I left Holden Village I celebrated my birthday. My brother and my sister also celebrated their birthdays. Yes, we all share the same birthday; we are triplets. Unfortunately, we are not together for our birthday every year. But this year I did get to go whale watching with my sister. Before the boat left, I captured a picture of this fairly common optical phenomenon, the 22° halo. It is not that uncommon, but still quite a sight to see.

Not long before I left Holden, I went for a hike to Copper Basin. I took this picture of Copper Mountain, which seems much less significant the closer one gets. That is not why I posted this picture. What amazes me is what appeared in the photo, especially when it went unnoticed to my eye as I took this picture. After review my photos from this hike I notice this photo has a rainbow in the bottom right corner. Many times when I take pictures, I take several within just a few seconds. I did at this point also, and the photo I took just seconds before did not have this rainbow. But this one did. I can't help but think of the story from Genesis of Noah and his ark. God made a covenant with Noah that the rainbow would be a symbol of God's reassuring presence. It makes me happy to think I caught a glimpse of that myself.

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