Friday, June 3, 2011

me, a wedding photographer?

Do I think I could make a living as a wedding photographer? Maybe. But a more important question, would I even want to make a living as a wedding photographer? Not at all. Weddings (and open-bar receptions) are to be enjoyed. Not spent stressing over getting the right shot (especially at a "once-in-a-lifetime" event). Sure, it is different to have an assignment rather than taking photos at a friends wedding, but I'm not sure its something I want. I like to shoot at my own pace. I don't like to set up props (or people). At the wedding I attended this last weekend, the event coordinator for Viceroy Palm Springs asked if I was the photographer. She also asked if I was local and available for other events. Even if it's something I know I don't want to do, it's nice to know I can pretend, or at least have people assume, that I am a professional.

A selection of photos around the Viceroy and pre/post ceremony:

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