Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a southwest summary

Palm Springs (and a gracious family) welcomed me with warm weather (and open arms). While a week in Palm Springs is about seven times as much luxury as I can afford, I was reminded of how priceless a family's love truly is.

Staying in a house rather than a hotel provided many benefits. One of which was hand picked, fresh squeezed orange juice, whenever we wanted. Which made the mimosas taste even better.

Another highlight of the trip to the Southwest was visiting Joshua Tree National Park. After moving to Southern Arizona in 2002, I am not unfamiliar with what a Southwest desert looks like. Very dry, bare and brown.

One unique aspect of JTNP is that it features two deserts, Mojave and Colorado. The Mojave determined by the higher elevation and showcasing the Joshua Tree, while the Colorado, at the lower elevation, features more scrubs and dunes.

The desert has its own special beauty, part of which comes from the flowers. Whether on a cactus or on its own, these desert flowers provide such a necessary contrast for the desert.

JTNP is also known for the rock formations. Excellent for rock climbing or photographing, or both.

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